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Confidence is priceless. Electrolysis is a real solution to embarrassing and unwanted hair.

I believe Maine residents want some of the newest and latest epilation equipment that can deliver both comfort and permanent results. This is why I purchased the Platinum Pure epilator from the leading electrolysis brand: Apilus. This machine offers hundreds of different ways to deliver galvanic and thermolytic current to your hair bulbs. Every treatment provided is custom to every client’s needs. Because I am a graduate of the Electrology Institute of New England in 2015, I was held to some of the highest electrology standards in the nation and received a modern education in the field of electrology. I am also very proud to be able to perform the necessary requirements to prepare any client for Gender Confirmation Surgery. Honey Bee Electrolysis is a safe space and respects all walks of life.


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The Apilus Platinum Pure with Syncro

The Apilus Platinum Pure with Syncro

Honey Bee Electrolysis uses a Platinum Pure epilator from the leading electrolysis brand Apilus. Both the Platinum Pure and the XCell are their two finest epilators. Unlike the Senior or Junior, of which are older, the XCell and Platinum Pure are able to finely manipulate current to a much higher frequency then before (27mhz). This is what makes these machines more comfortable and powerful than ever.

Don’t be fooled. Click here to check out this cross reference chart from Apilus to learn more about my machine.


Accepting cash or check only. These prices are a guideline to help give you an idea of how much time you should book for your appointment. There are no walk-ins, please contact me to schedule your visit.



  • The Touch Up

  • Clear Small Area

  • Upper Lip, Few Chin Hairs



  • Clearing Stubborn Hairs

  • Thick Chin Hairs

  • Midriff



  • Flawless

  • Body Work

  • Blend Sessions

About Renee DeSorbo:

I have always loved the beauty and wonder that can be found in the smallest places. My passion for the arts heavily influences everything I do and who I am. My two degrees from the University of Southern Maine in Studio Art and English was how I believed I would follow my passion. I also received a minor in Poetry, but like many artists, I struggled finding work. Going to the Electrology Institute of New England meant that I was going to invest in myself. I knew this was something I could excel at. Owning my own business and working to help other people sounded dreamy. I am so glad I found the courage to do something unusual and placed a bet on myself. My job as an electrologist is incredibly rewarding. I love my clients and I feel so honored to be a part of their transformation. I love helping women with PCOS finally get rid of their facial hair. I love helping trans women and trans men in their journey. And mostly, I take pride in being someone that my clients can count on. I deliver results.

Giving back matters:

Honey Bee Electrolysis has proudly made charitable donations to: The Children's Organ Transplant Association, The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Maine, USA for UNHCR, and also continues helping support a local girl scout troop in Gray, Maine.

Common Questions


Absolutely. Proper insertions from a skilled technician guarantees permanency. It is the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal. I believe in this method and it has helped me feel good about myself. I am excited to offer more choices about permanent hair removal to you and your community. Honey Bee Electrolysis wants you to be happy and hair free.

How Often Should I Come?

The average hair growth cycle is ten weeks long. Each hair is on its own time schedule within those ten weeks. In order to make sure every hair in the affected area has been treated at least once, it is best to be in touch with your electrologist for ten weeks before seeing any large permanent results. After this ten week mark it is easier to see what effect the treatments have had on your hairs. All hairs require a different number of treatments. Thinner hair would need less treatment than a thicker hair. Some clients only need to come once during a cycle (once every 10 weeks) while others might need to come weekly or by weekly until the growth is under control.

I Have Been Shaving, Plucking, And Waxing...

Razor burn is painful. Plucking or waxing facial hair can sometimes promote more hair growth. When hairs are forcibly removed, blood is brought to the surface of your skin. This can make hormonal hairs healthier; aiding them to grow deeper into your skin with bigger bulbs. Electrolysis works by treating the bulbs with electrical current before removing the hair. When this is done properly, during the hair’s growth period, it will let go, sliding out of the follicle without being plucked.

Before And After Care…

It is best to come to the clinic with clean and healthy skin. Before your treatment, any make up, creams, and perfumes should be removed. After treatment it is important to continue to keep your skin clean and healthy so it can properly recover from electrical epilation. Every treatment is different so the specifics of this will be covered in your visit.


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I am excited to offer more choices about permanent hair removal to you and your community. Honey Bee Electrolysis wants you to be happy and hair free!

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